Jumbo Loans

Think Bigger with a Jumbo Loan

For larger homes and loan amounts over the area’s set loan limit, borrowers can obtain a jumbo loan or even a super jumbo loan. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the two government-sponsored enterprises that set the loan limits.

Limits vary based on the property’s location, but most areas will see maximum loan limit of $424,100. By being able to borrow this high-dollar figure, borrowers can reduce the down payment for an expensive home. Learn some of the features and benefits of obtaining a jumbo loan by contacting us today! 

Fast Facts

In most counties, any mortgage more than $424,100 is a jumbo loan

In counties with higher priced homes, the conforming limit can go up to $636,150

Our in-house underwriting offers quick turnaround times for jumbo loans

Both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage options are available for jumbo loans

Don’t downsize on your dream home

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Jumbo Loans used?

A “jumbo loan” is used for homes that are priced at a higher value. Also referred to as a non-conforming loan because the loan limits exceed the conventional loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Is my home in a high-cost area?

You can see the most updated loan limits of your area by contacting us on our Contact Page or by visiting the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s website and reviewing the Conforming Loan Limit Map. 

What kind if credit do I need to qualify for a jumbo loan?

The minimum credit score for a jumbo loan depends on the type of dwelling and loan amount. However, typically higher very good to excellent credit ratings are preferred since these loans are a larger risk for lenders. 
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