Manufactured Home Mortgages:
FHA Loan

Manufactured homes have become a popular option for homeowners due to their affordability and exceptional quality. However, finding financing can be difficult for most. That’s why Nationwide Equities, a HUD-approved lender, offers a government-backed FHA loan for manufactured homes across the country. With a lower down payment and lower credit requirements than other loan options, a FHA loan is a great resource for borrowers looking to finance or refinance a manufactured home. Speak with one of our trusted loan officers today to learn more by calling our toll-free number at (866) 312-4370.

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Basic Housing Requirements

Built after June 15, 1976

Have a HUD Certification Label

Larger than 400 square feet

Classified as real estate or “real property” and have a permanent dwelling

Benefits of a Manufactured Home

Affordability – A Manufactured home can cost up to 10-30% less per square foot than a site built home.

Customization – Manufactured home manufacturers offer tons of interior and exterior options for borrowers to choose from.

Build Equity – if you ever move and sell your manufactured home you will get some return on your investment, whereas when you rent, you will never see that money again.