Nearly all borrowers wish to achieve one of three types of goals when refinancing

1. The most common is to consolidate debt. If you have large payments on a number of high interest loans, by refinancing you can receive the many benefits available through our preferred customer refinance program, including; guaranteed low interest rates paying off those high interest credit cards and loans, consolidating your debts into one loan with one low monthly payment, and mortgage interest paid is tax deductible.

2. When our special reduced interest rates are combined with debt consolidation you may well save $200, $300 or more, every month. In fact, many of our clients are able to reduce their household expenses by $500, to $700 even $1,000 or more each and every month. By refinancing the consumer’s existing loan, the consumer’s total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

3. Some homeowners have is to simply pay off their current mortgage at a reduced rate of interest, thereby lowering their mortgage payment each month, thus improving their family budget.

The common goal homeowners have is to pay off their current higher rate mortgage and turn some of their home equity into cash to use for other purposes. Depending on the current value of your home and your existing mortgage balance, you may be able to receive up to $50,000 cash back to you.

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Cost of Refinancing

In effect, refinancing is really replacing one mortgage with another. The costs of refinancing are typically similar to the costs of your original loan. Your new loan will be processed and underwritten in virtually the same manner as your original purchase loan with the same requirements: Escrow, Appraisal, Title Insurance etc. The main cost difference between your new refinance loan and your original loan, is that in a refinance loan, costs can be “rolled into” the new loan amount and need not be paid out-of-pocket.

Getting Started

To receive immediate loan consideration and free loan pre-approval, several options are available for you. These options include telephone conferencing with evening and weekend appointments available upon request. Whichever option you choose, you can be assured that we will begin processing your new loan request immediately. In most cases we can provide you with a conditional pre-approval the same day we receive your application. And we will keep you informed every step of the way.   Contact us to discuss refinancing your mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider a refinance?

– you have a mortgage with a rate above current market rates; – you have an adjustable rate and you want to reduce payment risk by fixing your rate for a longer period of time; – you have equity in your property and you need access to cash; – you want to improve cash flow by lowering payments. If you still think refinancing is your next step, contact us today!

Can NWE refinance a loan they do not currently service?

Yes, we can. Contact a Nationwide Equities representative to get refinancing details. You can speak with a Nationwide Equities representative on the phone by calling our toll-free number at (866)312-4370

Can I include the closing costs into my new rate reduction loan so I don’t have to come up with my own money?

Generally, yes. Most people include the costs of refinancing into the new loan amount.

What if I need cash? Can I get it with a refinance of my home?

Cash-out refinances are available and the amount of cash available to you depends on the value of your home, how much you owe on it, and the standard qualifying criteria of income, credit and debts.