Branch Power

We are looking to attract the best, and give back the best!

As a Top Mortgage Lender, branch development is more than just a good idea, it is a strategic objective and a key driver of our continuing success. We are proud to offer a wide variety of products and development opportunities. Our employees are encouraged to become top producing professionals. We provide training, coaching, lead management programs and help build a foundation for a solid career path.

Branch Philosophy – We look for Branches that are looking to make their last move; managers that are concerned about compliance and welcome a helping-hand from their corporate leadership. At Nationwide Equities, we are not looking to open a Branch on every street corner. We are looking to attract the best, and, in return, give the best! Best in service! Best in price! Best in support!

Our Ability

We pioneered the concept of branching, simple as that! We’ll give you the tools to build a foundation for a solid career path

We give you personalized service throughout the relationship. Step-by-step help and access to our top of the line software. 

When it comes down to the “real deal” our revenue split is the by far the fairest in the business.

through our state-of-the-art technology group we give our branches the tools they need to close the deal efficiently and expeditiously

Nationwide Equities principles are built upon the foundation and commitment to service and the most efficient processing in the industry

We have a number of quality lead sources and marketing abilities and we share that knowledge with our branch partners

Choose Right, Choose Nationwide

Founded in 1999, we have positioned ourselves to become the national Reverse Mortgage Lender, and the preferred choice among branches, Reverse Mortgage Professionals and origination teams. Nationwide represents the convergence of the best in product, price and service while recognized as an Award winning, Top Reverse Mortgage Lender and respected leader in the mortgage industry.

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Licensed States

Nationwide Equities Corporation is currently licensed in 38 states and operates with retail branches all across the country. We operate our mortgage banking platform to support the reverse retail branches as well as our forward retail origination channels. To see which states we are licensed in, click here.

Reverse Mortgage

Nationwide Equities is one of the top reverse mortgage lenders in the country, dedicated to serving senior homeowners and business professionals in our licensed communities. Nationwide has the ability to underwrite directly by HUD guidelines and has examined all aspects of the reverse mortgage and its cost structure to identify multiple opportunities to enhance benefits and reduce cost beyond just simply reducing the margin. As a result, we offer variable and fixed rate HECMs within our suite of HECM products. Adjustable options are available based on various financial market indexes plus a margin. The HECM fixed provides the assurance of a fixed rate for the life of the loan.


Nationwide Equities is a direct lender with concentration on FHA/VA Forward and its FHA Insured Reverse mortgage products. We now offers a full range of loan products from reverse mortgage HECM’s to conventional and FHA forward mortgages.

Niche Products

Today, many borrowers have special circumstances that put them outside “the box”. Nationwide Equities has the ability to underwrite directly from HUD guidelines and distinguishes itself as one of the “Niche Product” Lenders.

Product Desk

Have a loan situation that is unique or is beyond your scope? Just call the product desk and ask the “Desk” is manned with a seasoned professional that will educate you on product alternatives, help you structure your deal, or find a home for that hard-to-place loan.

Origination Software

Our Branches and loan originators are provided the best and most advanced LOS programs available. We work with Reverse Vision for our Reverse Mortgage Originations and Encompass for our Forward FHA and conventional products. These LOS systems is widely used by most mortgage professionals and seamlessly interfaces with LP, DU and various credit agencies.


Nationwide Equities principles are built upon the foundation and commitment to service and the most efficient processing in the industry. We have a full team of processors is available to follow-up on loans and to provide processing on loan Origination files.


Nationwide is one of the top Reverse Mortgage lenders in the country and we know how to market reverse mortgages While leads are generally the domain and arena of the Loan Originator, we have a number of quality lead sources and marketing abilities and we share that knowledge with our branch partners.


Nationwide Equities prides itself on customer service, and we understand underwriting is the key component to any branches success. This is why we provide our Branches and loan originators the ability to access their files 24 hours a day with the leading technology for reverse and forward mortgage origination. This technology not only streamlines the entire system, it puts the power of approval in your hands. These technologies offer at least four advantages to you: First- They greatly reduce the time from application to approval. Second- Because of quick approval you can usually take the borrower off the market sooner, thereby reducing the tendency to shop rates. Third- These AU engines allow for the running of various financing scenarios to determine which combination of debt and income modification will allow the customer to qualify. Fourth- AU allows you to stretch the ratios. We have seen 60% back end ratios get approval. This tool really gives you the edge.